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"Corporate Coaches are detached outsiders and independent thinkers who can reflect ideas, evoke solutions and support their implementation in ways that no insider ever could."                                                                                                Sir John Whitmore                


People skills are now widely recognised as the difference that makes the difference in optimising the critically important performance of every member of the workforce, individually and collectively.


It is increasingly true that the only genuine advantage a business has over its rivals is the degree to which it generates and sustains an environment where all employees and colleagues are motivated to give of their very best as a matter of routine: excellence is no longer optional.


Excellent company performance demands excellent leadership and management and, contrary to the myth, they are both skills that can be developed.



What We Do

Ivan Lawrence Coaching provides a wide range of executive coaching services including: executive business coaching; executive coaching and leadership; coaching in management training; stress management coaching;management performance coaching; and well proven management training programmes designed to improve personal performance, team performance, and business performance.