Why Ivan Lawrence Coaching

"We are faced with a series of great opportunities - brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems."    John W Gardner

Since 1994 Ivan has worked with a wide variety of companies and people delivering executive coaching, leadership, and management training and development programmes to improve the essential people management skills demanded by today's successful organisations.


With Ivan Lawrence Coaching you get a proven track record in leadership development, management development, and performance improvement and effectiveness for individuals and teams leading to a happier and healthier workforce delivering long-term business benefits.



Your People Are The Bottom Line

There is a growing recognition that in successful companies it is the quality and effectiveness of its' people that make a difference, and that people perform best in an environment that allows them to flourish and give of their best. That includes their personal training and development at all levels in the organisation and throughout the individuals' career.


It has been said that people do not leave organisations they leave managers. Whilst the value of training and development in technical skills has long been recognised the need to develop leadership and management skills so that leaders do indeed lead and manage is frequently overlooked. The value of so called 'soft skills' in delivering improved performance is now, thankfully, being afforded more of the attention it deserves.


Successful individuals must be able to optimise their own personal effectiveness and enable others to do the same, as teams and individuals, through their ability to lead, develop, motivate, support, persuade and influence in an era of relentless competition..