How Coaching Works

How Do Coaching Sessions Work?

Coaching with Ivan is based upon the premise that you are a unique and resourceful individual, and that you can benefit from the skilled guidance a professional coach can provide to help you achieve your full potential. Sessions are tailored to reflect your individual needs and goals.


It's all about seeing things differently; discovering more of your innate talent; making better use of the skills you already have; and stretching yourself in new and better ways in pursuit of your goals.


We have a wealth of experience and knowledge to enable you to discover and implement the appropriate response to the issues and challenges you wish to adddress.


Individual coaching takes place in your office or any other quiet place you would prefer, with telephone support, or sessions can be wholly by telephone if this is the most convenient solution.

Individual or Team Coaching?

Everyone recognises that in sport the best team and the best players all have coaches. So, it makes sense in business too to coach for optimum individual performance and to then coach the team to ensure the overall performance is greater than the sum of it's parts.


Successful teams and individuals constantly strive to improve their performance. Having an individual coach or a team coach is a demonstration of their desire to do whatever it takes to be the very best.


Coaching the individual and the team (or team of teams!) can enhance the creation of a mutual support system, deep self-awareness, a safe environment for experiments, multiple perspectives and passive learning.  Participants focus on important goals and the best way to achieve them. 

How Long Is the Process?

The duration and frequency of coaching sessions will be agreed with you upfront, based upon an initial assessment of your current situation and what you would like to achieve, and in what timescale.


Each Ivan Lawrence Coaching session ends with a clear, agreed, and realistic action plan for continually moving forward and the achievement of your goals. You will be supported and encouraged throughout the process ensuring your focus, enthusiasm and motivation are maintained for you to deliver the results you want.